“This is one of the best unclassified products I have seen in years. This product could not have been received any better by the SC Military Deputy Commander and General Officers who took the briefing today.”
Our solutions not only promise technological leaps to ensure overmatch, we promise large-scale transformation to ensure that those better, disruptive technologies make it to the field. Our team knows what it takes to implement innovation and guarantee its adoption.

Analytic Solutions

Commercial Technology Discovery & Evaluation

Assess the commercial marketplace to identify the best tech for today’s national security missions.

Information Fusion Solutions (COGINT™)

Test new approaches against real-world missions, resulting in products that practically demonstrate utility for government partners.

Engineering & Data Science Solutions

Develop disruptive capabilities building on Information Fusion Services.

Strategic Mission Alignment & Communication

Accelerate technology adoption through change management and tailored messaging about disruptive capabilities.

Immersion and Training Experiences

Provide national security partners analytic and engineering technologies that revolutionize national security.

Unclassified Common Operating Picture Solution™ (UCOPS™)

Obtain a real-time, interactive view of activities at the local, regional, and global levels, supplemented with custom intelligence reporting.

Innovation Adoption Services

Investments in new technology do no good if they end up sitting on a shelf. By enrolling users and stakeholders early, we create organic demand for the solution that will be used on day one. Our Federal and military partners need an objective, trusted advisor to help early adopters and thought leaders translate requirements into operational capability.

We build organic demand to create pull, not push. We balance customer voice with enterprise needs. 3GIMBALS analysts are former military and government analysts with deep ties to the mission allowing us to speak their language and translate “grunt to geek.” Credibility and trust are the hallmarks of our approach. Honest, deliberate and intentional communication creates trust between users and leaders to ensure mission success. When data, tools and tradecraft leave mission gaps, we quickly acquire and deliver operational capabilities faster than traditional approaches. Our differentiator is that we also know how to move new technologies through adoption into transformation.


What happens when you combine big data with human tradecraft and charge it with data science? You get shareable and evidentiary insights. We create unclassified products that are ready for foreign partner disclosure and law enforcement use. Our high-quality and corroborated intelligence focuses on facts through unbiased analytics approaches and diverse data sources. Our approach is fused, not siloed. That’s the difference when actual experts and data scientists harness the nexus between human tradecraft and big data. Our insights are ripe for classified exploration and provide a diplomatic advantage to coalition problem-solving and tradecraft training.

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