They got married at City Hall in Alexandria, Va., early in 1964. They also pointed to the absence of documentation from Mexico as evidence that Zola and Frankie never married at all. "Just make sure the artist or writer gets his share." It is in fact three wives who face the camera, one after another, each claiming to be Lymons true love and legal spouse. "I can't just sit here and tell the court anything different. Keep supporting great journalism by turning off your ad blocker. Span wrote that Frankies relationship with Zola was not entirely maternal. November 2, 1988 NEW YORK -- The judge who last winter heard three middle-aged women testify to their heartaches with the late Frankie Lymon -- the doo-wop idol who cowrote and sang "Why Do Fools. William McCracken, who represents Emira Eagle, called her at the elementary school where she teaches. Not to mention that two other members of the Teenagers have filed suit claiming they cowrote "Why Do Fools Fall in Love" Ah, Frankie. "He had been busted in California again for drugs. When she and Frankie fought about it, Elizabeth said in court, he pulled a gun on her and she fled. Chuck Rubin. Key parts of this chronology are in dispute, of course. Frankie Lymon Music - Singer Why Famous: Frankie Lymon and The Teenagers, band Age: 25 (8/30/1942 - 2/27/1968) Frankie Lymon's Relationships (3) Elizabeth Waters Other - Spouse He moved into her home and her bedroom. Donald Ray Lymon Sep. 6, 1964 - Jan. 23, 2023 Lie in State Fri. 1/27/23, 4-8pm at Small's Mortuary. She said he didn't mean to hurt her, and blamed his behavior on his addictions. Owning the rights to 1950s rock and roll songs meant more in the 1980s than it did when they were hits. As a child star, however, I was subjected to discipline from agents, managers and lawyers, but it was a discipline that protected me from myself so to speak. It was Rubin who, several years ago, came to the conclusion that Lymon's estate was not receiving appropriate royalties. Emiras case was just beginning when Elizabeth Waters Lymon petitioned the Surrogate Court claiming that she was Frankie Lymons widow, and Zola Taylor also objected claiming that she was Lymons rightful widow. He once told a magazine interviewer that he'd been a pimp since he was 10. "He had the type of personality," says Elizabeth Waters Lymon, Wife No. Zola got to be pretty friendly with the first wife. "Remember, Frankie needed the money badly," Borstein says. Each woman suspected he was sleeping with the other, and both apparently were correct. Executive producers Gregory Nava, Mark Allan, Harold Bronson. Lymon was discharged a year later, he'd said "I do" once more. Maybe it was the afterglow from her Tijuana marriage that induced Zola to trust a junkie like Frankie to take care of her financial affairs when she left to tour Japan with the Platters in December 1965. He told his family that night he was on his way to a gig. In January 1964, he began a relationship with Elizabeth Mickey Waters, from whom he gave birth to his only daughter Francine, who died two days later. Similar to the stars of today, whenever the press cites "exhaustion" it's drug related. Consequently, he left behind a tangled and miserable legal and financial mess along with three wounded women. She has been in one celebrity relationship averaging approximately 4.1 years. According to Paula Spans story, he was arrested a least three times in New York for grand larceny or heroin possession, and the Selective Service, hungry for recruits as the war in Vietnam escalated, was after him. Elizabeth Waters claimed to have married Lymon in 1964 in Virginia. Frankie Lymon/Wife. That suit was suspended while Lambert determined which woman was Lymon's widow. The losing widows might appeal. As the lead vocalist for the Teenagers, Lymon (played by Larenz Tate) helped turn Why Do Fools Fall in Love into one of the biggest hits of 1956. As Water's claim went to court, Zola Taylor ex-member of the Platters, claimed that she had been sexually active with Lymon as early as the "Biggest Rock "n" Roll Show of 1956" tour. This trio first meets as a group in 1985 in the offices of Morris Levy (Paul Mazursky), the shrewd operator whose company released Lymons hits. "He had the type of personality that would draw people," she said. And it was not uncommon for someone -- an agent, producer or record label head -- to name himself cowriter of a group's songs, entitling him to half the author's publishing royalties. By the time Frankie showed up, unannounced, in Los Angeles, Zola had done well for herself. Last in line is Emira Eagle (Lela Rochon), a demure, well-bred Southern educator. In his book, Me, the Mob, and the Music, Tommy James characterized Levy as willing to strong-arm the artists signed to Roulette, and that the label was notorious for not paying its artists for their record sales. Lymon was only 12 when he hooked up with the foursome that became the Teenagers, but there was an aura about him that the city's doo-wop entrepreneurs recognized. Ms. Elizabeth, now 46, says she's been born again, but she still strives for glamor, her skirt fashionably above the knee, her fingernails long and orange. (Diana Ross also had a hit with it), "Goody Goody," "Little Bitty Pretty One" and "Im Not a Juvenile Delinquent.". Nava, whose credits besides Selena include My Family and El Norte, is given to pitching things as broadly as the law allows, and what Fools is most reminiscent of is love story comics from the 1950s with titles like Realistic Romances and Teen-Age Temptations.. He then located Emira, put her in touch with an attorney, and helped line up witnesses and documentation. Elizabeth's lawyers maintain her marriage is valid, which means that neither Zola's nor Emira's can be. Back in Los Angeles, the club where Zola was performing tossed a celebration, with a cake and champagne. Back in the 1950s, when a star-struck group like the Teenagers finally got to audition for the head of a record company, such matters as copyright barely figured in the conversation. "Frankly, we do not believe that the claims set forth in the federal court case have merit," says Terrance McKnight, one of Zola's attorneys. Left-Wing Meloni: Italys Attempt to Replicate Giorgia Meloni, Europe is dumping its migrants in Africa in exchange of money, Antoinette Giancana Biography, Family and Movies, David Von Drehle: Biography, Career, Education and Books, Uplift Suasion: the notion to change racism, Mexicos constitutional crisis has its roots in Washington, The EU-Mercosur Deal: Macrons Duplicity Unveiled, Paraguay declares Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organisation. They were there in Surrogate Court -- the three would-be widows and their teams of lawyers and witnesses -- for 10 days this past December and January, raking over the past. "If you have any kind of heart at all," she says, "you know that he went through hell.". The flyer advertised performances by Pearl McKinnon and the Kodaks, Earl Lewis and the Channels, the Cleveland Still Dubs, and the Impalas. The death certificate said he died of "acute intravenous narcotism.". Elizabeth Waters claimed to have married Lymon in 1964 in Virginia. "She's a square," Zola decided, noticing that Emira was coming to court in sneakers. Levy was aware of all the details of Frankie Lymons love life, and he used it to his advantage by bringing in Elizabeth Waters and Zola Taylor to challenge Emiras claim to be Frankies widow and, by having the court determine her marraige to be invalid, derail her lawsuit. Whie serving at Ft. Gordon in Georgia, Frankie married again. Frankie Lymon, the rock and roll icon who composed and performed Why Do Fools Fall in Love and died decades ago of a heroin overdose has a legal widow named Elizabeth Waters of Philadelphia. 1/28/23, noon until 2pm service at Small's Mortuary. View contact information: phones, addresses, emails and networks. Paula Span reported that Frankie and Elizabeth got married in Alexandria, Virginia, in early 1964. She also turned to prostitution to support her daughter from her first marriage, to one Charles Phillips, when she was just 16. None of the many tracks they made together or separately ever duplicated the jubilance of their early records. Emiras attorneys argued that Elizabeth and Frankie separated in mid-1965 and never lived together as man and wife thereafter, invalidating her claim to a common-law marriage. Elizabeth, now 46, said she had been born again, but she still strove for glamor, her skirt fashionably above the knee, her fingernails long and orange. Waters provides convenient access to libraries, the . Elizabeth went on to testify that she also saw Frankie the day before he took his last, fatal dose of heroin. * Playing in general release throughout Southern California. It was also not uncommon for an agent, producer, or record label head to name himself co-writer of a groups songs, thereby entitling him to half of the authors publishing royalties. He and two codefendants are busy preparing for their April 11 trial for extortion and conspiracy in federal court in Camden, N.J., stemming from an FBI investigation of organized crime in the recording industry. While growing up in New York City, I never had much discipline, Lymon said. Her troubles with drugs and the law continued long after Frankie's death. Instead, he has posthumously provoked a trial that will determine which of the three women he is said to have married -- without ever scrupling to divorce any of them -- is really his widow and heir. Elizabeth Waters was a struggling part-time bill collector from Philadelphia. When she and Frankie fought about it, Elizabeth told the court, he pulled a gun on her and fled. I know some of these characters, and some I like very muchI knew Cardinal Spellman, too. Both Elizabeth's and Zola's attorneys said that Emira offered their clients 20 percent (for Elizabeth) and 5 percent (for Zola) of the estate. "She's a square," Zola decided, noticing that Emira was coming to court in sneakers. Ten years after his initial success, however, he was wearing an Army uniform as a private at Fort Gordon. I feel sorry for him, most of all," echoes Zola. When trading Miss Thing"-type insults doesnt clear the air, a lawsuit to determine the identity of the true widow and heir to Lymons royalties becomes inevitable. With the trial about to begin and still believing that he had a firm agreement with Emira, Ronnie ran a second benefit concert in the fall of 1985 to raise additional funds for Frankie Lymons tombstone. He told Zola that the new guest was a friend from New York, Zola recalled. What was there about Frankie Lymon? He was characterized as The Octopus by Varietymagazine for his far-reaching control and power in the record industry and his connections to organized crime. They were married in June 1967 at the Beulah Grove Baptist Church, with 50 members of Emiras family in attendance and a reception afterward at the Capri Lounge. Set decorator Jackie Carr. Elizabeth Waters Lymon, Elizabeth also acknowledged in court that she started using heroin and cocaine at this point. Elizabeth Waters was not yet divorced when she married Lymon, but the marriage became lawful once her first husbands divorce was finalized. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Id have killed him, I was so angry, Zola told Span. Click the "All Sizes" button above to read an article or to see the image clearly. Zola and Elizabeth declined, but said they were willing to accept an equal, three-way split. Elizabeth Lymon said in court papers that she married Lymon on Jan. 23, 1964, in Alexandria, Va., and had his daughter, Gloria Francine, who died shortly after birth in 1965. DAPHNE, AL 36526. She knew a soldier., Frankie was interviewed by The Augusta Chronicle while he was stationed at Ft. Gordon. * MPAA rating: R, for language and some sexuality. Watch a performance of "Little Boy And Girl" by Pearl McKinnon and the Kodaks She's going to call it "Why Do Fools Fall in Love?". Cheesborough. Rubin's 200 or so clients, from the Del Vikings to the Coasters, constitute an honor roll of early rock 'n' roll.

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