OMEN works in the open to discover the elusive.

Maybe you need that exquisite piece of data that brings everything into view. Maybe you need an entire intelligence solution.

OMEN is the answer.

The OMEN superpower:


We start with your problem.

We think of new ways to find, shape, and connect information to meet your distinct requirements.


Like our competitors, we mine commercially available or other readily accessible data. But unlike everyone else, we probe deeper.

We produce unique data from unindexed information. We apply language skills and cultural awareness to find the hidden gems.

We forge exclusive, customized datasets our clients didn’t know were possible.

All unclassified.

The other OMEN superpower:


Many of us have walked in your shoes and understand the meaning of “mission critical.” We are seasoned analysts who extract insights and uncover patterns, so you can see the hidden.


We know that the best intelligence involves exquisite data and the talent to use it effectively. We bring key data science skills—data scraping, data analytics, data fusing, and data engineering—to the fight.

When we say there’s a “human in the loop,” we mean an entire team.


NGIC found this an incredibly insightful product of high value. You provided information on groups that we were previously not tracking.

National Ground Intelligence
Center Manager

OMEN supports high stakes missions

We work with intelligence agencies, strategic planners, tactical operators … and a few folks we can’t list here. We fill their intelligence gaps and provide unclassified insights that rival classified reports.


This is one of the best unclassified products I have seen in years. The product could not have been received any better by the SOUTHCOM Military Deputy Commander and General Officers who took the briefing today.

Senior Intelligence Officer

Features & Benefits


Share high-quality insights

with coalition partners and allies or push to classified environments.


Illuminate spatial-temporal relationships

between people, networks, activities, entities, and more.


Generate multilingual, multicultural insights

to guide in-theater operations and


Tap into a team of tradecraft experts

with the clearances required for your mission.


Use our machine + human methodology

to dial in your exact mission needs at a level of nuance impossible through technology alone.


Integrate your own datasets

through our open platform, data-agnostic approach.

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