Ti: Technology Identification…Technology Investigation…Technology Integration

It’s a complete set of services that takes you from mission requirements to fully operational capabilities.


Are your organization’s processes for generating requirements outdated or lacking resources?

3GIMBALS can work with you to identify and define the true mission needs.


Want to know whether a hot new technology will work within your operational environment, perform as advertised, and be compatible with others to make new capabilities?

3GIMBALS works with you to determine which tech will work best for your organization.


Lacking the time, resources, or expertise to constantly find and assess startups, new technologies, or the marketplace?

3GIMBALS combines AI and team knowledge to deliver the best industry insights based on your needs.


Do you struggle to successfully instantiate new technology and approaches?

3GIMBALS brings change management expertise to
support the transition and bring your new ideas to life.


It was very impressive and exciting to see the innovation going on. One of my big takeaways was the value of change detection not just in the pixels themselves. The team has truly embraced automation, and we are really fortunate to have 3GIMBALS as an industry partner developing and applying machine learning and change detection algorithms. I am grateful that 3GIMBALS saw the opportunity to forge partnerships that allow them to create what we need and integrate in such a way to make data really useful for GEOINT analysis.

National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency Senior

The Gist

We chose to call this practice “Ti” because it centers on many stages of technology—identification, investigation, information, illumination, instantiation, insertion, and incorporation. We support a full range of activities needed to integrate new technology successfully.

Define. 3GIMBALS works with organizations on their requirements—how they gather them, how well they align with mission needs, and how they are framed—to ensure that the organization is seeking the right solution, not just a new technology.

Explore. 3GIMBALS conducts market analyses to find and assess new or disruptive technologies, especially from startup companies. 3GIMBALS’s staff has extensive government and military experience, which when combined with AI, produces superior industry analyses and insights.

Examine. 3GIMBALS works with organizations to examine how new technologies will perform in simulated or real environments and pilot new combinations to generate heretofore unknown outcomes.

Instantiate. 3GIMBALS recognizes that the hardest task in technology adoption isn’t defining requirements or finding new solutions, it’s bringing the technology into the organization. 3GIMBALS tailors change management best practices to each organization’s culture, processes, and budget cycles to lower risk and increase success.

Yes! We know that each organization’s needs are unique. We can help in just one area, a combination of areas, or in all four. You choose.

We love this question. Ti is different from other companies’ offerings because
we offer the complete technology adoption cycle. Moreover, our people have experience with introducing technologies into government organizations and quickly ascertain the unwritten processes or organizational cultures that can become obstacles.

Unlike the big consultancies, we are not selling you a pre-packaged consulting solution or a set process. We’re far more agile and nimble. Moreover, you get to decide the level and extent of your needs, and we’ll tailor our approach accordingly. You’re in the driver’s seat, not us.

Unlike many technology companies, we aren’t selling you a specific technology or a quick-fix idea. We are vendor agnostic – we aren’t pushing software or technology that locks you into a proprietary solution. Also, these companies typically don’t have the bench strength to help you with the change management aspects of implementation. We’re fast, thorough, and insightful, and we do this in your footprint.

Although there are clearly defined deliverables, we view 3GIMBALS Ti as a practice, much like a consulting firm. 3GIMBALS Ti provides leadership, management, education, and research services to help clients define their needs, and then explore, test, and implement the best technology solutions for their organizations. We support the leader’s vision throughout the journey.

We currently are serving clients in the Intelligence Community.

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You noticed that, too! “Ti” also stands for titanium, which has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of all elements. Seems appropriate for 3GIMBALS, right?

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