3GIMBALS Partners with Clemson University to advance cooperative education and counter disinformation

3GIMBALS announced today an academic partnership with Clemson University focused on furthering technical capability and tool development to solve the nation’s toughest problems, while helping prepare data science, media forensics and engineering students for careers in national security.

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3GIMBALS and CrowdAI Strengthen Partnership to Deliver Information Advantage to DoD, IC

3GIMBALS, the leading provider of intelligence, investigations, and information solutions, today announced its formal partnership with CrowdAI, the leading no-code software platform for customized computer vision (CV) models.

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3GIMBALS Awarded Prime Contract to Provide Automated Insights into Crisis in Europe 

Groundbreaking open-source intelligence and tech-scouting company granted contract to provide support to US and multinational partners in Europe.

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How did our actionable intelligence link the Maduro regime to Iran’s military? How do you find an at-large cartel leader in less than a week? How did we enable diplomats to confront China on its illegal activities in Latin America?

We’d love to chat with you at this year’s GEOINT conference in Aurora, Colorado. Visit us at Booth 1109.

April 24- 27, 2022

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Cocaine Seizures Reveal Ecuadorian Drug Trafficking Routes

The volume of cocaine trafficked through Ecuador is on the rise. Enhanced data analytics approaches are bringing situational awareness to narcotrafficking tactics, techniques, and procedures. Here’s how data can disrupt cocaine smuggling to the U.S. and partner nations.

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3GIMBALS Data Analysts Show Increasing Chinese Investment in the Bahamas

In 2021, the Chinese government continued to gain favor with the Bahamian government by providing COVID-19 medical supplies, distribution of greenhouses, and investment in the economy and new technology.

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