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3GIMBALS and CrowdAI Strengthen Partnership to Deliver Information Advantage to DoD, IC

WASHINGTON, D.C., November 15, 2022 — 3GIMBALS, the leading provider of intelligence, investigations, and information solutions, today announced its formal partnership with CrowdAI, the leading no-code software platform for customized computer vision (CV) models. Together, 3GIMBALS and CrowdAI are collaborating to provide advanced integrations to the U.S. defense and intelligence communities. 

The companies are focusing on blending computer vision advances with open-source data and automations to support U.S. military missions associated with the Russian invasion of Ukraine. 

“With automated tipping and cueing of activity, our analysts can focus their efforts on fusing other unclassified information to unlock insights not available from a single information type,” said Terry Dyess, CEO of 3GIMBALS. “CrowdAI’s advances in computer vision coupled with our data fusion and analysis solutions are going to provide entirely new capability to our government partners.” 

3GIMBALS and CrowdAI recently partnered at the Trident Spectre 2022 annual exercise, the principal technology proving ground for the Naval Special Warfare Command and its partner Special Operation Forces (SOF). During the exercise, 3GIMBALS leveraged CrowdAI’s no-code Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) software to develop initial operational capability computer vision (CV) models using both satellite imagery and full-motion video (FMV). 

“3GIMBALS is a proven, trusted provider of critical solutions to the U.S. government. We’re excited to form this alliance and to bring to bear our joint capabilities in support of the mission,” said Devaki Raj, CEO of CrowdAI.


3GIMBALS accelerates innovation to solve the most formidable challenges for a safer future by providing intelligence, investigations and information solutions for statecraft, national security and law enforcement missions. Our team transforms the latest data, tools and technology into operational capability faster than anyone else. 3GIMBALS is delivering the future, today.

About CrowdAI

CrowdAI offers the leading no-code software platform to build and operate customized computer vision (CV), enabling anyone to create high quality CV models to analyze imagery and video—no data science background or coding required. Our full-stack solution provides all the tools necessary to go from raw pixels to structured insights relevant to your mission needs.CV models created via CrowdAI’s software platform have been used for ISR, humanitarian assistance and disaster response, countering illicit trafficking, infrastructure maintenance, public health monitoring, medical diagnostics, and beyond. Visit CrowdAI at www.crowdai.com.

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