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3GIMBALS Awarded Prime Contract to Provide Automated Insights into Crisis in Europe 

Groundbreaking open-source intelligence and tech-scouting company granted contract to provide support to US and multinational partners in Europe.

Washington, D.C., October 17, 2022 — 3GIMBALS, LLC, the leading provider of intelligence, investigations and information solutions, today announced the award of a firm-fixed price prime contract to support information operations for the conflict in Ukraine.  

Under this new award, 3GIMBALS is delivering its OMEN™ solution to provide a near-real time pulse on the situation in Ukraine. The OMEN™ solution combines proprietary datasets and tradecraft, publicly available information and data science with backend code and cloud processing powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence. This turnkey solution geospatially and temporally visualizes significant activity on the battlefield and surrounding areas, resulting in unparalleled, unclassified, multilingual insights to improve collaboration with partner nations, support to those on the battlefield, and aid to policy making and information operations.  

“3GIMBALS is honored to help our nation’s leadership better understand the current state of play in the Russia-Ukraine conflict,” said Terry Dyess, 3GIMBALS President & CEO. “Our OMEN™ solution automates the development of crucial insights in a manner that is broadly and quickly shareable to enable US information operations and partner forces in the field. We are thrilled to fill this very important mission requirement.” 

This contract award marks a milestone for the company. 3GIMBALS now offers a fully developed solution that empowers users with a unique picture of operations to accelerate and facilitate better decision-making.  

“We are delivering a near real-time view of tactical, operational, and strategic activities, supplemented with custom intelligence reporting to bring information advantage,” said Jeremy Widener, a lead technical expert at 3GIMBALS. “We are confident that OMEN™ will save lives and assist our partners in supporting Ukrainian independence.” 


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