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3GIMBALS Releases Synthetic Narcotics Precursor Sales Dashboard

3GIMBALS today released its cutting-edge Synthetic Narcotics Precursor Chemical Seller Dashboard Prototype—a game-changing tool that brings innovation and precision to the counternarcotics fight. 

This dashboard redefines the landscape of narcotics supply chain analysis with an interactive interface, crafted to unveil intricate connections between precursor chemicals, sellers, exporters, export ports and destinations. 

Click on any element within the dashboard to effortlessly filter all panes, ensuring laser-focused insights.

The cities and ports entwined with synthetic narcotics production and sales in China are meticulously mapped, while a curated list of cities, sellers and payment methods generate a center of gravity analysis. 

Tracking the ebb and flow of precursor chemical trends over time allows users to discern usage patterns. 

Our network analytics panes delve even deeper, uncovering the intricate web of companies linked to specific precursor chemicals and shared contact information, illuminating clandestine linkages and potential sanctions evasion through shell companies. 

In the realm of synthetic narcotics’ supply chain analysis, 3GIMBALS’ Synthetic Narcotics Precursor Chemical Seller Dashboard Prototype is a powerful, essential resource for understanding the complex web of this global issue. 

Explore the future of data analysis with 3GIMBALS.

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