Chinese Economic Investments Advance Security Cooperation in the Solomon Islands

Soloman China

In November 2023, the Solomon Islands plays host to the Pacific Games for the first time. The expanding economic influence of China in the Solomons, evident behind the scenes with infrastructure investments and construction for these games, reflects growing concerns for Pacific Island nations across the region. 3GIMBALS’ OMENTM solution investigates interconnections between Chinese economic investments and influence in the Pacific.

Russian Adversarial Electronic Warfare and Analytic Response

military truck

Immediately following Russia’s failed blitz invasion into Ukraine in early February 2022, Medium-Altitude Long Endurance (MALE) drones used by Ukraine gained notoriety in the press for successful exploits against Russian armor and heavy equipment. In contrast, the relatively slow-moving months following the onset of the war presented a prime opportunity for Russia to deploy its vast electronic warfare (EW) network. 

3GIMBALS Releases Synthetic Narcotics Precursor Sales Dashboard

3GIMBALS today released its cutting-edge Synthetic Narcotics Precursor Chemical Seller Dashboard Prototype—a game-changing tool that brings innovation and precision to the counternarcotics fight. 

This dashboard redefines the landscape of narcotics supply chain analysis with an interactive interface, crafted to unveil intricate connections between precursor chemicals, sellers, exporters, export ports and destinations.

Exposing the Human Impacts of China’s Distant Water Fishing Fleet


China’s distant water fishing fleet has inflicted immeasurable harm on the global community, in particular nations across the global south. The global fish stock is in decline as China amasses a distant water fishing fleet that dwarfs its competition.

The United Nations estimates that almost 90 percent of the global marine fish stocks are depleted, over exploited or fully exploited, which is largely due to the devastating fishing practices of China’s fleet.

Tracing Illegal Logging and Influence from Peru to China


Criminal organizations and malign state actors exploit natural resources across their regions of influence. High demand for natural resources drives increased exploitation and foreign investment. 3GIMBALS recently analyzed strategic competitors’ activities and followed the flow of media, natural resources, and money to track influence.

What we found illuminates the dark truth that authorities have been hypothesizing. Our research exposes foreign investment and economic influence on natural resource exploitation by strategic competitors.

OMEN™ Reveals Russian Influence in Niger

civil unrest

Destabilizing forces in the Sahel signal a shift in the balance of power. Civil unrest emerged in Niger, as French counterinsurgency operations ended in November 2022. Following these events, 3GIMBALS’ OMEN™ investigated Russian expansion in Niger—a key ally in the Sahel—through diplomatic activity, scientific cooperation, military exchanges, and infrastructure investments aligned to economic and geopolitical influence.

OMEN™ Uncovers Geopolitical Alliances: Iranian Influence in Ukraine


With daily battles in Ukraine, operations foreshadow larger geopolitical threats and alliances. In fall 2022, Russian use of Iranian Shahed-136 drones during 54 events in Ukraine hinted at a shift in the relationship between Moscow and Tehran. While investigating these drones, 3GIMBALS brought to light the growing alliance between Iran and Russia.

3GIMBALS Awarded Seven-Year $900 Million IDIQ Contract by NGA

3GIMBALS, the leading provider of intelligence, investigations, and information operations solutions, today announced the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) selected it as one of eight small businesses for the GEOINT Enterprise Operations Service and Solutions Program with Industry, Core Mission Operations (GEO-SPI B), an indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity (IDIQ) contract. 3GIMBALS will compete for task orders worth up to $900 million over the seven-year contract period.