Open-source fused analytics that
tell the full story
By 2020, every three people will create enough data to replicate the entire holdings of the Library of Congress. Much of this information is location-based and illuminates the who, what, where, and when of human and geopolitical activity. When layered and studied by 3GIMBALS' expert analysts, this data reveals analytics similar to what was once only available in top-secret, classified environments. Find out how 3GIMBALS can help you reveal the how, why, and so what of human and geopolitical activity. The result: Higher-confidence decisions. Shareable intelligence. A smarter and safer world.

Our Commercial + Open GeoIntelligence (COGINT
TM) System fuses open-source data with human-machine integration and automation to create intelligence that empowers decisionmakers worldwide. The resulting
 fused analytics provide insight more powerful than any single source of data alone.   ​ ​​