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3GIMBALS Partners with Clemson University to advance cooperative education and counter disinformation

3GIMBALS announced today an academic partnership with Clemson University focused on furthering technical capability and tool development to solve the nation’s toughest problems, while helping prepare data science, media forensics and engineering students for careers in national security.

“3GIMBALS is proud to be a part of the cooperative education program at Clemson, where more than 1,000 students are learning by doing,” said 3GIMBALS President and CEO Terry Dyess. “We need the best and brightest to experience what it’s like to contribute their extraordinary technical skills to real-world problems and feel the impacts they can make in support of the nation’s security.”

The partnership will leverage 3GIMBALS’ groundbreaking information fusion and analysis solution, OMEN™, working with students who have interest in and experience with open-source data, computer information, and data science.

“Clemson’s long-established research and development partnerships with the Department of Defense, coupled with the university’s advanced computing capabilities such as the Palmetto Cluster, means that students can advance their skills to support public service as skilled data scientists and engineers when they graduate,” said Steven Sheffield, a senior technologist at 3GIMBLAS and media forensics lecturer at Clemson University.

As part of this partnership, 3GIMBALS will sponsor students and instructors from Clemson’s Media Forensics Hub to participate in specialized technical exchanges, such as DEFCON 2023, and more in 2023 and beyond.

Clemson University’s Media Forensics Hub is an interdisciplinary team of researchers working to not only study disinformation online but to also develop tools and educate people to recognize it and to stop it from spreading. The Hub is part of the Watt Family Innovation Center, Clemson’s most technology-enhanced building where students and faculty collaborate with leaders from industry and government agencies to generate ideas and solve complex problems.


3GIMBALS accelerates innovation to solve the most formidable challenges for a safer future. 3GIMBALS provides intelligence, investigations and information solutions for statecraft, national security and law enforcement missions. 3GIMBALS transforms the latest data, tools and technology into operational capability faster than anyone else.

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