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3GIMBALS Releases OMEN™, information fusion and analysis solution for U.S. government and allies

3GIMBALS announced today the release of OMEN™, a multi-domain, multi-sensor analytic fusion solution. OMEN™ fuses novel data sets, pioneering data science, artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced human tradecraft to deliver once impossible insights that are fully unclassified and shareable across agencies and multinational partners. 

OMEN™ is built on an open, interoperable, sharable architecture. The solution is tailored to each mission, giving customers the flexibility to consume insights through dashboards, robust finished production, automated alerts, trend analytics and more. These insights are geospatially visualized to reveal the time and space relationships between humans, objects and features along with their activity and movement over time.

“The launch of OMEN is the result of 3GIMBALS’ rapid innovation mindset and deep listening to customer needs,” said Terry Dyess, founder & CEO of 3GIMBALS. “Our teams meld human ingenuity with technology to produce timely intelligence at the strategic, operational, and tactical levels. The unclassified discoveries OMEN makes frequently rival classified production.” 

OMEN™ is currently being used to illuminate combat operations, global Chinese and Russian influence, sanctions evasion, illicit and corrupt networks, narcotics trafficking, illegal fishing, space and satellite ground activities, force protection, disaster response and more.  

“We brought OMEN™ to market with our customers in mind,” said Omar Shafi, president of 3GIMBALS. “We offer game-changing insights through a simple subscription model so that our customers get exactly what they want. Because our solution is modular with no technology lock-in, they are free to share OMEN insights across the world or use them in court immediately at the pace required for mission success.” 

To learn more about OMEN™, visit www.3gimbals.com/omen or request a demonstration at info@3gimbals.com


3GIMBALS accelerates innovation to solve the most formidable challenges for a safer future. Our intelligence, investigations and information solutions rapidly transform the latest data, tools and technology into operational capability for statecraft, national security and law enforcement missions.  3GIMBALS is delivering the future, today.

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