Regional Instability Modeling & Migration Analysis: Adding Structure to a Complex Mission

The number of migrants approaching borders around the world remains at record levels. Throughout Eastern Europe, Central America, Sub-Saharan Africa, and South Asia—economic hardship, political unrest, violence, and changing climates drive people to leave home. Drought and storms devastate agricultural productivity, impacting food and water security. Poverty, economic decline, and lack of institutional governance create space for corruption, gangs, organized crime, and extremist influence. 

Russian Adversarial Electronic Warfare and Analytic Response

military truck

Immediately following Russia’s failed blitz invasion into Ukraine in early February 2022, Medium-Altitude Long Endurance (MALE) drones used by Ukraine gained notoriety in the press for successful exploits against Russian armor and heavy equipment. In contrast, the relatively slow-moving months following the onset of the war presented a prime opportunity for Russia to deploy its vast electronic warfare (EW) network. 

OMEN™ Delivers Multidomain Approach to Monitor Space Operations

Space impacts every aspect of our lives and plays a vital role for U.S. and allied forces operating globally. The explosion of commercial and government space programs presents opportunities to mask activity within the increasingly crowded orbital real estate. While numerous space domain awareness solutions aim to detect, monitor, and identify objects in orbit, a multidomain approach including terrestrial insight into operations from ground, air, maritime, and cyber observations will enrich understanding of national security threats.

OMEN™ Reveals Russian Influence in Niger

civil unrest

Destabilizing forces in the Sahel signal a shift in the balance of power. Civil unrest emerged in Niger, as French counterinsurgency operations ended in November 2022. Following these events, 3GIMBALS’ OMEN™ investigated Russian expansion in Niger—a key ally in the Sahel—through diplomatic activity, scientific cooperation, military exchanges, and infrastructure investments aligned to economic and geopolitical influence.